Sons of Abraham

Sworn Enemies… Reconciled by the Cross

  • A Jew
  • A Muslim

Common rituals

  • neither eat pork
  • both maintain liturgy
  • both keep the law

Uncommon hatred

  • sworn enemies
  • prejudice
  • accusation

Different Backgrounds






Sons of Abraham is an uncommon story with a miraculous outcome.  The two men in this video met in 2007.  We knew we had a calling to minister together.  When Paul the Muslim man was told I am a Jew we had a falling out.  It took several months to reconcile our bitter past.  We had to forgive each other’s upbringing, and also forgive each other’s hard hearts after we parted ways.

Jesus said if we will forgive one another their trespasses, then the Father will forgive us our trespasses.  But if we don’t forgive others their trespasses, then neither will the Father forgive us our trespasses.  Our story will touch the hardest heart with a deep-felt call to forgive.

Our shared testimony is tailored to fit within the time frame of your church service.  The Jew is a son of Isaac.  The Muslim is a son of Ishmael.  We are both sons of Abraham.

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Paul Howard, a Muslim, and Mark Flaxman, a Jew, grew up as enemies without knowing each other. Both have found the love of Christ, and now minister together, sharing their testimony with others. When I was the Administrator of a Christian School, we invited Paul and Mark to share their testimony during one of our Chapels. It was one of our best Chapels. They were so powerful and well received that we extended our Chapel time to let them minister to our students. I can recommend them for your school without reservation.

Truman Abbott
Christian School Administrator 1991 – 2008