About us

About us

Behold: see, look at – Oxford Desk Dictionary Our expanded definition: to eat in, drink in, take in, taste, enjoy, look at, gaze upon,and consume everything that is Jesus! Behold The Lamb Ministries exists to encourage people to behold the Savior. Without a vibrant personal relationshipwith Him we are empty and fruitless. Continuing daily with Him we are able to focus on our objective. Paul the apostle wrote to the Romans that “…all Israel will be saved” because “as it is written, The Deliverer will come out of Zion” (Romans 11: 26). Jewish people trust in their belief of the Old Testament; and that Jesus is for the Gentiles. They are not aware of details about their Messiah including when He would come, the signs to look for, that both comings are predicted, or that each of these subjects are found in their
law and their prophets. One day the Father will bring the children of Israel back to the land He gave toAbraham. Fifty-two Old Testament scriptures predict it – the first being Moses. He will bring them from every corner of the earth, including America! Did youknow Hosea 11:10 says His sons will come trembling from the west? What an ominous prophecy. What would you do if a Jewish person askedfor help when they were on route “trembling?”

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best work every single day across our services.

Our Mission

Build the best product that creates the most value for our customers, use business to inspire and implement environmentally friendly solutions.

We are optimists who love to work together