Thank you for visiting BEHOLD THE LAMB MINISTRIES. Behold the Lamb Ministries is a bridge between covenants. We explain our Christian beliefs through the desciple’s eyes. They did not practice their faith through a New Testament mind set… they were in the process of writing it! They practiced through Old Testament eyes. This ministry reaches people who are hungry to be fed reasons why we believe the things we do through entertaining and engaging teaching.

Since 1989 our materials have been shared, developed, and sharpened. Audiences find our presentations informative, entertaining, and fun. Our founder Mark Flaxman teaches on a variety of subjects gleaned from two distinct memories: his upbringing in a practicing Jewish home, and loyal attendance at synagogue & Hebrew School. The website is here to feed spiritually hungry people. It also inspires pastors, ministry leaders, and home bible studies to explore the depth of our Christian roots. Click through our website. You will find information on who we are and why we exist.

We are availabe to teach at services, seminars, and conferences. You can rest in the confidence of expecting fresh insights into Old Testament beliefs that grab your heart and leave you wanting more. Our references span almost 20 years of service to the Christian community.

A Snippet of Rev. Mark Flaxman preaching on the topic:
Sift for the Shift

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What People Say

Your Seder meal and presentation was just marvelous, and I am so grateful to have been present.  Your love for Yeshua and joy at finding him throughout the Seder’s ritual just illuminates an after-sunset room to noon-day brightness.

Particularly moving was your presenting the cup of spiritual marriage from Christ to His beloved, love pouring forth.  I realized the perfect Lamb of God was inviting pitiful me to be His own.  It was – and still is – a mind boggling occurrence.

WOW!  I really do not know how else to explain the time that you shared with us here at Cunningham Christian Church.  It has been three weeks since you were here and the people are still talking about the experience. The impact of your presentation on those present is one that is still providing us with questions and conversations.  There is still talk of having you back again to share next year.  The way that you were able to bring the Jewish experience to life for us Gentile Christians and also the way that you shared the powerful relationship of the Old and New Testaments was great.

One of the things that stands out is that of so much symbolism of the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ yet the Jewish people do not understand.  That is amazing and also sad to think that so many Jewish people are missing out on Jesus, but then again, so many people period are missing out on Jesus Christ.

I cannot explain in a brief letter all that your presentation meant to me and also the others of our Church, but I do know it was an experience we will never forget and would certainly like to experience again.

Keep presenting God’s word through the Traditional Jewish Feasts.  God is using you.

In God’s Great Love,

Pastor M. M.

We have had the privilege of hosting Passover Seders since 1999, with Mark Flaxman as our speaker.  Mark’s presentation of the Passover Seder has brought inspiration, understanding, and enlightenment to many in this area.  He has a unique ability to merge stories from his childhood, the Biblical setting of the Passover, and New Testament realities to impact lives with dramatic truth.  With Mark’s focus on the Lamb of Passover, faith in the Word of God is deepened and expanded.  Although I have heard other presentations, Mark’s unfolding of this wonderful celebration remains the most meaningful and insightful of them all.

N. R. (President of Ministry)

Thank you Mark for this wonderful gift you have brought to us.

J. H. (Institute Director)

Thank you so much for coming!  I really enjoyed it.  I also appreciated some of the nuances you brought to it.  I especially am grateful for the way you interact with the gathering and how you build people up as you share.  You are a good story teller and you have a good way of making them come alive.

God bless the ministry!

Pastor A. M.

My wife and I would like to express our delight in attending a Dinner that Mark Flaxman hosted and explained.  As a Jewish person growing up in a Jewish home Mark has understanding and insight that the typical Gentile would not have.  What the Messiah Jesus and His disciples observed added meaning when explained by Mark.

We believe every Gentile believer in Jesus Christ could benefit from experiencing the meetings as we did and gain a new appreciation for the truths and mysteries hidden within it.   What a wonderful thing to see a descendant of Abraham share with us the truths of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, found in the Feasts and to see how the Promise carried by the Jewish people for thousands of years has now been fulfilled.  It is a tribute to the faithfulness of God that Mark Flaxman, a Jewish believer in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, would be used by God in these last days to reveal the truths of the Lamb of God.

Blessings to all,

Pastors M. & D.

What a privilege to feast with you and to hear so much of God’s grace and redemption throughout the meal.

Thank you for a “job well done.”  You have been given a precious and unique gift in sharing about the Passover Lamb.

Mark helps you understand the Biblical Feast which Jesus Himself would have attended.  Mark has a tremendous gift of imparting the heart and spirit in a Biblical and contemporary fashion.

Thank you so much for allowing us to join you in the celebration with Brother Mark.  What a privilege and a blessing to remember that the death angel has truly passed over us, and we no longer need to walk in fear and shame.

The Seder was such a blessing and so educational.  Looking so forward to next year.  We are forever grateful and may all the blessings you bring others come back to you in abundance.  Wishing you and your ministry God’s protection, blessing and prayers.

We have gotten some great feedback from some of those who attended.

Thank you for taking the time to explain and involve us in a great tradition.  I believe all that participated had a wonderful time.  Thanks again and God bless you.

I want to thank you for the time of sharing and showing in the Passover Seder.  Your sensitive teaching as well as competent fielding of questions both inspired and informed the gathering.

Pastor M.